genre: Crossover


One minute, Mr. Nydick was rubbing Jessica’s shoulders, in a wholly inappropriate way, under the guise of demonstrating… something about the Civil War, the next he wasn’t.

Every person outside of the students of Sweet Valley Middle School vanishes from Sweet Valley. They’re just gone. And now people are developing strange powers. Inevitably, with these fight-happy idiots, it’s going to be a bloodbath.

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Philadelphia to LA in Too Many Miles

Carla started this “every girl a slayer” thing, and every so often I come up with a character I’d like to see as a slayer. This time it’s TK from Boy Meets World aged around 16. Written using 50 random prompts

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Nightmares and Dreamscapes

Buffy and Faith are sent to Springwood, Ohio to stop a demon that seems to be killing teenagers in their sleep. A Nightmare on Elm Street/Buffy crossover.

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Harry Potter and the Mighty Queertet (co-written with Victory Thru Tears)

Ducks/Harry Potter Crossover. AU in the Queertet series – after Breeze, but ignores Sun.

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Lost in the Shadows

A sequel to Lost Slayers, my Buffy/Lost Boys crossover. A bad guy doesn’t stay dead, don’t tell me you’re surprised.

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The Lost Slayers

Buffy and Faith are sent to Santa Carla on a mission. Things quickly go from bad to worse to beyond.

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