Author: Star

Sarah. Star. Dove. All names I go by. I read, write, recap and fanvid. Enjoy.

Jessica vs Elizabeth (The Hunger Games)

“Oh, Lizzie, isn’t it romantic?” Jessica squealed.
Elizabeth gaped at her twin. “They’re expecting us to kill each other.”
“Yes, but we get new clothes and we’re paired with a boy!”

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Nina’s Home for Christmas

Zoey is a mother now, and it’s baby Wade’s first Christmas, and she has insisted that everybody come visit, but Zoey and Jake are having problems, and Lucas hasn’t quite got over the love of his life, and it’ll all come to a head because…
… Nina’s Home for Christmas

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Philadelphia to LA in Too Many Miles

Carla started this “every girl a slayer” thing, and every so often I come up with a character I’d like to see as a slayer. This time it’s TK from Boy Meets World aged around 16. Written using 50 random prompts

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