Series Order

Since I’ve not done the greatest organisation with dates on the fic – I tried, but failed – here is a list of the order you should read any in-series fic in.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Lost Series

The You’ve Got… Series

The Lost Boys

The Moonlight Series

The Mighty Ducks

Ducks Romances

The Mighty Queertet

I’m deeply ashamed of this series. It’s sobering seeing my lack of writing talent 20 years ago, but people do remember it fondly, so here’s the reading order:

  • Main Series
    • Everything and More by Star – prequel, no ducks in this one.
    • Smoke (co-written with Victory Thru Tears)
    • Snow (co-written with Victory Thru Tears)
    • Breeze (co-written with Victory Thru Tears)
    • Sun (co-written with Victory Thru Tears – abandoned)
  • AU
  • Future Fics, OC heavy
  • AU v2
    • Queertet Revisited (not co-written, an AU retelling with more talent, which ended in my dramatic flounce, because all I got were reviews asking why I wasn’t finishing Sun, ignoring the fact that my co-writer and I hadn’t spoken for a decade, and Sun was fucking awful.)