Lost in the Shadows

A sequel to Lost Slayers, my Buffy/Lost Boys crossover. A bad guy doesn’t stay dead, don’t tell me you’re surprised.

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Notes: A sequel to The Lost Slayers, my Buffy/Lost Boys crossover.

Footsie and Fangs

Faith’s POV

I trail a bare toe down Buffy’s thigh. She nearly moans, but manages to stop herself. She glares, and under the table, begins to kick off her shoes.

This is a game we play often to spice up a boring Watcher night.

Giles is talking about a new big bad, it sounds like he’s saying prophylactic, but I don’t think that’s actually it. Unless B and I are to fight a big bad condom. I snort at the idea of trading punches with a giant rubber. B and the rest give me an odd look, except for Giles, who barely pauses for breath.

B frees her feet from some amazingly strappy sandals and begins to give me the same treatment as I’ve been giving her. Her feet are cold, but I’m determined not to squirm.

Poor Red’s sitting next to me, and Tara’s opposite her and next to Buffy. They both know exactly what me and B are up to and are trying their hardest not to notice.

Anya and Xander are also present, but cheerfully oblivious to what’s going on… then again, the look on Anya’s face makes me think B and I aren’t the only ones playing footsie.

Spike is sprawled out on the couch, gazing at B adoringly. It would bother me, but B took me to aside one day when I was in the most bitchiest of moods and said, “Look, Fai. Stop snarling at Spike, he thinks he loves me, big deal. I’m as queer as black sunshine, and I’m your queer, so stop it.”

I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling since. Not just the sentiment, but the wording. Queer as black sunshine? Where did she get that one?

“Faith, it’s for you.”

I snap back to present day and realise that Giles is holding a phone out towards me.

B removes her feet from my lap and I get up and pad over to the phone.

“Hello?” Who would be calling me here? In fact, who would be calling me? The only friends I have are here right now.

“Hey, Faith.”

I stand corrected.

Buffy’s POV

I wiggle my toes. They’re kinda cold without Faith’s legs to keep them warm. Actually, come to think of it, I’m kinda cold all over. Everyone else seems fine.

Hrmm. Maybe I’m gonna come down with a bug. Tara had the flu a couple of weeks ago, maybe it’s worn down my Slayer resistance.

I’m kinda tingly. Oh well, a couple of days rest should put me right.

I tilt my head back to look at Faith and wonder who she’s talking to. I can’t think of anyone that would know to call here at Giles’ place for Faith if they didn’t get an answer at home. Well, except the Scooby gang, and they’re all here.

Oooh! It’s probably Angel. Yay me. I deduced. Or is deducted? Anyway, just call me Buffy Holmes. Buffy Holmes, hrmm, doesn’t sound bad.

Then again, why would Angel call Faith? If he was gonna give us the heads up on a demon, wouldn’t he just tell Giles? Ah, maybe it’s something about jail. He organised Faith’s get out of jail and rehab card, maybe they need to stamp it every couple of months or something.

Hrmm. But couldn’t a call like that wait until morning? It’s kinda late.

Oh well, she’s hanging up now. I’m gonna scare her with my powers of deduction. Or deducement. Whatever.

“What did Angel want?” I ask.

“Angel?” She quirks an eyebrow at me.

“It wasn’t Angel?” Hrmm. Back to the drawing board Ms Holmes.


“Then who?” Jealousy is beginning to kick in here. Is she hiding something from me? Nah, she wouldn’t. If she cheated on me she’d have to explain why she’s got a big bumble bee tattooed on her hip. Or have it removed. Ouch.

“Are we all done here, Giles?” She asks.

“Well, ah…”

“Great!” She cuts him off then gazes at the Scoobies. “Any of you guys want walking home?”

They all stare at her, myself included. I mean, I usually stare at Faith, but she’s acting kinda weird right now.

Then again, I’m feeling kinda weird right now. I’m not just wondering what’s going on inside her head. I’ve got this weird floaty feeling. I don’t like it one bit.

What the fuck just happened?

I clutch my stomach as pain slices through it.

Faith’s POV

“B!” I leap forwards and catch her before she hits the floor. The Scoobs are staring at us like we’re insane. Think fast, Fai. Period pain. The girls will understand how much it hurts and the guys will be too embarrassed to pursue the issue. Right?

“She’s fine.” I smile up at them. “She’s had nasty cramps recently.”

“Oh?” Giles queries.

He’s got his ask-many-questions face on, so I add in a stage whisper, “It’s her time of the month.”

And it would have worked.

Giles began to back off, blushing slightly.

Tara and Red were nodding sympathetically.

Xander had a look on his face that clearly read: not-listening-la-la-la-la-la.

Anya pulled a ‘who gives a fuck?’ face.

Spike’s interest dwindled sufficiently when I caught her instead of him.

So it was working.

Until B squirmed in my arms and called my name.

And that too would have been ok.

But she was wearing her vamp face.

Buffy’s POV

They’re all staring at me. I move my fingers over my face, pausing at my mouth, I feel my teeth. My tongue runs over my sharp canines.

Oh god.

We stopped this.

Spike’s grinning at me like there’s no tomorrow.

That’s a freaky saying, especially in my line of work. I don’t remember smiling while fighting to stop any of the apocalypses.

Focus, B. As always, Faith’s nickname for me helps.

Faith. She’s standing slightly in front of me.

Protecting me.

“Buffy?” Giles asks.

“Same old. I’m not a vampire.” I assure them.

“‘Cept for the fangs and the bloodlust.” Spike laughs.

He’s got a point. I take a deep breath. “I’m not a full vampire, I’m a half vampire.” I tell them.

“There’s no such thing.” Says Xander. “Otherwise we’d have seen them.”

“Been to Santa Carla recently, Xand?” I snap. “Unless you have, you wouldn’t have seen them.”

“You’ve been a vampire since Santa Carla?” Willow asks in horror. “But you’ve been back months.” Her eyes fill with tears. I guess she feels like I’ve betrayed her.

“No. I was a half vampire, but then we killed the head vampire and I was just Buffy again.” I frown, but Willow gets to the question before I can voice it.

“So why are you a half vampire again?”

“Because Max isn’t dead.” Faith speaks up finally.

Betrayal and Reunions

Faith’s POV

This isn’t going well. All of the Scoobies have taken a huge step back from B. Except Spike, naturally. He probably thinks Christmas has come early. You can see his mind working it out. Buffy = Vampire, Spike = Vampire, Spike + Buffy = Vampire happiness. Fuck him. She was mine last time she was a vamp, nothing’s changed.

Everyone’s glaring. Including B. Her angry vamp face is pointed at me.

“Max isn’t dead? How do you know? When did this happen? How come Star, Laddie and I could go out during the day? We killed him, Fai, remember? I distinctly remember staking him. You wanna know how I remember?” She’s absolutely fuming. Even I’m kinda worried. “I was FLYING AT THE TIME!” She screams. “And when I staked him I hit the ground. Remember?” She calms down slightly, but remains in fang as she smiles at me. “Remember, you threw that vamp down to cushion my fall.”

“B, calm down.” I say, mentally kicking myself for such a stupid comment. “I only just found out. That was Edgar and Alan on the phone a minute ago.”

“And when were you going to tell me?”

“And us?” Giles steps into the convo for the first time.

Why is everyone angry at me now? Why aren’t we angry at Max? This is his fault.

“Look,” I say. “I was gonna get B home, explain it to her and then talk to you guys. I didn’t realise she’d vamp out straight away.”

“Oh, well that makes it ok then.” Anya snaps. “You’re having a lesbian tryst with a vampire who could kill all of us, but you wanted to tell her first that she’s a vampire! Where are your priorities? She could kill all of us.”

“I think it’s cool.” Spike says.

“SHUT UP, SPIKE!” Everyone in the room shouts.

“Ok, let’s take this from the top, shall we?” I say wearily, suddenly remembering that I never got my vacation after B and I got back from Santa Carla.

Buffy’s POV

God, look at Giles’ eyes. He’s so hurt and betrayed by me. Everyone is. Only Faith is looking me the same way. Spike looks like he’s just found out how deep his love can go.

“And you didn’t think to inform us that you had been a vampire?” Giles asks.

“It was only for a little while.” I say in a small voice. I know it’s not the point.

“Only for a little while?” He thunders. Both Faith and I take a step back. I think Giles is channelling Ripper for this conversation. “And you didn’t think that it was worth mentioning. At least it wasn’t Faith, otherwise we’d have a third Slayer appearing any time now. The council would love that!”

“I didn’t die this time.” I point out.

“But these things happen in threes.” Says Faith, then claps her hand over her mouth. I shouldn’t laugh, I really shouldn’t, it won’t help.

Giles frowns at both Faith and me and we crack up. We laugh so hard we have to hang on to each other so we don’t fall down. Spike smirks, and finally joins in the laughter.

The rest of the Scoobies are staring at us like we’ve gone insane. I guess they think we’re pretty morbid, laughing at the amount of times I’ve died.

Finally I try to calm down, Faith follows suit, but she keeps hiccupping which makes me giggle again.

“I’m glad you find this so funny!” Giles shouts. “The fate of the world rests on your shoulders, and the two of you find it hysterical that Buffy is no longer a Slayer, but a vampire.”

That gets me. He’s so disappointed with me. “I’m still a Slayer, Giles. And I’m only a half vampire. I’ve never killed anyone.” I leave out the fact I chewed on Faith’s neck when the hunger hit me last time.

“Giles, she’s not evil.” Faith steps in. “I know you’re finding this hard to believe, but she’s still Buffy, just with fangs. She made me promise that if we couldn’t reverse it, that I’d…” She stops. “My promise still holds.” She adds in a low voice.

I reach out and take her hand. This was hard on the both of us last time, things aren’t any easier now.

“Honestly.” I face everyone. “I’m just a half vampire. I want this over as much as you do.”

“I swear that she’s in control of this.” Faith adds. “I think maybe I should just take B home, and we’ll talk about this tomorrow.”

“She’s got a point.” Tara speaks for the first time. “This conversation is going nowhere. Maybe we should all go home and meet tomorrow.”

“Ok, Magic shop first thing in the morning.” I say. I’m about ready to bolt, there’s so much resentment in this room.

“You can come out in the sunlight?” Willow asks.

I nod, but Faith answers. “She can, she’ll probably flake out after a few hours, but yeah, she doesn’t burst into flames.”

“Yeah, I just itch and get really tired.” I add.

“Tomorrow then.” Giles agrees curtly. “All questions can be answered then.”

Translation: Get the hell out of my house, Fangy.

Faith’s POV

I squeeze her hand gently as we walk. “It wasn’t the best way for them to find out.” I say. “But at least they know now.”

“Yeah.” She says hollowly.

“Could have been worse.”

“Could have been staked.” She agrees.

“Could have been in the mall or something, and scared the hell out of the people around you.” I suggest, trying to get her to lighten up.

“Would I have got free shoes?” She asks hopefully.

“Maybe, especially if you were near a mirror.”

“Hrmm. Wanna go vamp-raiding at the mall tomorrow?”

“That’s my girl.” I sling my arm around her. “You wanna patrol, or just go home?”

“We’ve already done one sweep for tonight, let’s go home. I’ll let you molest me.”

“You’ll let me?” I tease. “Just for that, I’m gonna make you beg tonight.”

Her eyes light up at the thought. Oh yes, we’ve come a long way from the way we were when we first met. B likes girls, and I fell in love. Two things I would never have anticipated.

We reach the front door and B drags me through it, unbuttoning my shirt as we go. My fingers slide under her skirt, tickling her thighs. She squirms slightly and leans in to kiss me, pinning me against a wall…

Wasn’t I gonna make her beg?

Ah, who cares?

B’s hands move skilfully under my top, her lips never leaving mine… we’re never going to make it to the bedroom… damn… gonna have carpet burns if we only get as far as the stairs…

“Hey guys!” A perky voice says.

B and I leap apart guiltily, trying to straighten our clothes, hair and smudged lipstick all at once.

“Dawnie!!” Buffy squeals excitedly and bounds over for a hug.

I turn around. “D? What are you doing home?” I ask. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m really happy to see her, despite her lousy timing. She wrote to me while I was in prison, her letters kept me sane. Or helped me get sane. Whatever.

Buffy’s POV

God she’s even taller, I feel like a circus midget. Her hair’s longer. She’s got an amazing tan. And she seems so much older. I guess going on tour with the Dingoes will do that for you.

I’m just about to ask her for every single detail about her life over the past few months when I’m rudely shoved out of the way by a bouncing Faith desperate for a hug.


A bouncing Faith?

Oh yes, we’ve come a long way since we first met.

“D, how have you been?” Faith ruffles her hair affectionately.

I grin. Shouldn’t I be doing that? Faith hates to admit it, but she’s fond of everyone. Especially my sister. It was those letters that Dawn wrote her while she was in prison. Which is weird, since Dawn didn’t really exist at the time. Interesting how the monks made all those character traits for her.

Ok, that thought was way too deep for this moment.

I reclaim my sister for another hug, Faith gives me a mock jealous look, then grabs her back. Why fight it? I hug the both of them.

“Um, guys… can’t… breathe.” She chokes out.

“Sorry.” We say simultaneously and release her slightly from our death grip.

“So, tell us how life has been.” I order.

Dawn grins and drags us into the living room. Sitting there is Oz.

“Ladies.” He nods at us. “Good to see you again.”

Always with the word economy. It’s nice to see that some things never change.

Purple Plans

Faith’s POV

Do I hug Oz or not? Not sure, he’s not a huggy type guy, but I’m in a fantastic mood now my baby sis is back. And yes, she is my sister. Or will be, as soon as I propose to B. I don’t think I’ll hug Oz. I grab D again and hold her tight.

“Hello!” She yells. “You Slayer, me human! Stop crushing me!”

“Sorry, Baby D.” I’m the only one who’s allowed to call her that, she used to get offended but I played a song by them to her and she thought it was tackily cute. I release her and let her take a seat by Oz.

We sit with them for a few hours, Dawn tells us many funny stories about what the Dingoes have been up to. Oz adds the odd word every once in awhile. B can’t work out whether to be horrified that her little sister is exposed to such madness, or highly amused by the whole thing. But Baby D’s almost seventeen now. And when Dawn gets up to get us all drinks, I remind B of this.

Neither B or I mention her returned vampiness.

We eventually leave to go to bed, Dawn and Oz want to share a room, Oz respectfully says it’s B’s decision, and B really wants to say no, but I keep jabbing her in the ribs until she gives Oz a lovely (and almost genuine) smile and tells him that it’s fine.

Then we have the most mind-blowing love-making session in the history of our relationship (and believe me, there are some nights that have been hard to top). B remembers she can fly, and pins me to the ceiling while doing all manner of unspeakably good things to me.

There’s one vampire trait I’m really going to miss when we kill Max again.

We finally collapse in bed for a few hours sleep. Then B wakes me up again for more of the same.

She’s not going to be the only one who’s flaking out at the Scooby meeting tomorrow.

Buffy’s POV

“Wake up, B.”

“Urgh.” I mutter. I feel exhausted, and my skin feels itchy. Worst are my arms, they’re absolutely killing me. What did I do last night? Oh! OH! That’s why my arms hurt. Hrmm, well that part was nice, better than nice. Mind-blowing doesn’t begin to cover it. We’ll have to do that again tonight.


“Do I have to?” I ask.

“Yes, the Scooby meeting is in an hour. You go get a shower and I’m going to tell Dawn what’s going on.”

That gets my attention. I open my eyes and regard a smiling Faith, her hair still damp from the shower. “You don’t have to tell her anything.” I say firmly.

“B,” she uses a very patient tone with me. “We do. Things are going to get very hairy around here and Dawn should know what’s going on, she’s not a kid any more—and besides, she needs to know. If she doesn’t know what’s going on, how can she protect herself?”

“I’ll protect her.” I say.

We’ll protect her.” She corrects. “Damn right, we will. But all the same, you owe her the truth. She’s your sister, she deserves it more than anyone. She’ll feel betrayed if someone else accidentally tells her. You don’t want to lose her, do you?”

I process what she’s just said. She’s absolutely right. “Just one thing, Fai. You can tell Oz, but you’re right I owe Dawn the truth.”

She smiles and kisses my forehead. “I’ll go put some coffee on.”

I watch her leave, those jeans are really snug. Her ass looks… must focus. Shower, coffee, Dawn, truth. Got it.

Faith’s POV

That went a lot easier than planned. I was quite worried, B can be so pig-headed at times. I go into the kitchen and find Dawn and Oz snuggling and kissing.

“Oh please!” I say in mock offence. “It’s too early to be watching this bizarre heterosexual display. It’s just plain wrong, you do know that, right?”

Dawn giggles at me and reluctantly steps out of her boyfriend’s embrace.

“Jeez, D. I was just kidding. I’m not so heterophobic I can’t watch a guy and a girl embrace.”

“Dawn!” B bellows from upstairs. “Can I borrow you for a minute?”

Dawn rolls her eyes. “I’ve only been back half a day, what have I done wrong?”

I squeeze her shoulder. “You’re not in trouble, B just wants a chat with you.”

“Urgh! It’s not going to be a safe-sex talk is it?”

I nearly choke on my coffee. I know she’s almost seventeen, but she’s still Baby D to me and she shouldn’t be even saying the word sex.

She wanders out of the room and I exchange a look with Oz. He’s, predictably, unfazed. “We should probably talk too.” I say.

He raises an eyebrow at me. “Ok.”

“And don’t worry, it’s not a safe-sex talk.”

He smiles. I really want to see this guy laugh, I’ve never seen it before. He’s not morose, just reserved. I’ll have to ask D later if he does laugh.

Two chats, and a little bit of hugging and crying from the Summers girls later, and we’re at The Magic Box. He doesn’t invite B in, but she doesn’t need it, only being a half. Although someone has set up a cot in the back room and Willow and Tara put a protection spell around so vamps can’t get in. I notice every single Scooby is wearing a cross. Nice. Cheers, pals.

There’s a bit of hugging and happiness on seeing Dawn and Oz, and a little surprise that they’re dating, I guess they’re a more unlikely couple than me and B.

Then Giles gets right down to business.

B and I offer to go back to Santa Carla, but Giles wants someone to supervise. Nobody looks very keen. I’m deeply pissed off by the lack of loyalty in this room.

“Fine, you don’t trust us? We’ll go in separate cars!” I snap.

“It’s not that we don’t trust you!” Willow says quickly.

“Actually, I don’t.” Anya interrupts. “You lied to us. Buffy was made a vampire and you didn’t tell us. We’ve spent years staking them, and I’ve built up a good healthy distrust for vamps.”

Xander puts a hand on her shoulder. “An, remember how we talked about being tactful?”

“You can back off too, Xand!” I yell. “You’re no more eager to be around B. At least Anya’s being honest!”

“Yeah!” Dawn adds. “She’s saved your lives countless times and now you’re all turning your back on her!”

“Let’s all calm down, shall we?” Giles says trying to hush us.

“Um, is now a bad time?” A new voice says. She’s got a vaguely Irish accent.

We turn to note the source. A small girl with purple hair is standing in the doorway.

“I did knock.” Purple Girl says, “but you obviously didn’t hear me.”

“Who are you?” B regains her voice first.

“And what do you want?” I add.

“Girls!” Giles chastises, and slips into shop owner mode. “How can I help you? We have the largest array of magickal supplies in the state.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She walks over to us and holds out her hand to shake with B. “I’m Taz Hansen. I’m from Santa Carla, and I’m looking for the Slayers. I’m guessing that’s you.”

B shakes her hand reluctantly. “So what do you want?” She asks.

“I’m here to warn you that Max is on his way. And he’s mightily pissed.” She takes a seat on the arm of one of the chairs.

“I’m sorry,” I say. “But we’re supposed to just trust you?”

She shrugs. “Yeah. Basically, you killed him—albeit momentarily—and he’s really looking for payback. I’m talking bloodshed, death, and possibly an apocalypse.”

“Did the Frogs send you?” I wonder. Has everyone else lost the ability to talk?

She shakes her head. “They don’t know me, but I know of them. They do a great job of making Santa Carla a lot safer.”

She’s tripping, right? The Frogs are so hapless they can barely hold a stake, let alone use one. No, that’s mean, they did save me and B.

Taz grins at us and continues. “Star and Laddie have turned back again, they’re laying low, nobody knows where they are.”

B and I exchange a look. Poor Laddie, he’s only seven. “So how did Max come back?”

“To kill a head vampire, you can’t just stake him, that’s just puts him out of commission, if his first childe is still around and knows the right rituals, they can say a few words pull out the stake and hey presto! the vamp is back. You have to behead the vamp and bury his head away from his body, both in hallowed ground.” She explains.

“I guess that’s why they call them head vampires.” I grin at B and she chuckles. Giles looks highly annoyed, so we shut up again.

Buffy’s POV

I guess I should take charge now, since this is my fault. Taz, the purple girl, makes herself comfortable, so I guess she’s decided to be an honorary Scoob. “Right, so Max is coming here, at least that solves the problem of who should chaperone Faith and me when we go to Santa Carla.” I glare at them all. Ok, so I lied to them, but they should try to forgive me. We’ve all screwed up in the past.

Willow with her spell that made Giles blind, me get engaged to Spike and Xander a demon magnet.

Xander with his wishes, like on Valentine’s day, or when he turned Sunnydale into a musical town.

Anya was a vengeance demon and we just forgave that, she spent over a thousand years killing people and we conveniently forget it.

Giles, um, hello, Ripper.

And Faith, the only one who did penance for her mistakes.

Tara, well, she’s never screwed up, but she’s not glaring at me.

I have a few allies, Faith, Dawn, Tara and Oz.

Giles speaks up. “Buffy, it’s not that we don’t trust you, it’s just…” he tails off.

“That you don’t trust me?” I finish, then hold a hand up to stop his response. “Fine. I’m a half vamp, but when I’m human again you guys are going to feel bad about your trust issues.” Ooh, that was bitchy of me. “Sorry. Anyway, Max is coming here. Anyone who wants to get the hell out of town, go now, this won’t be pretty.”

I turn to Dawn and Oz. “Please, for me, go.”

Dawn shakes her head. “You’re my sister, Buffy. I’m not a kid anymore, and I’m not going anywhere. Besides, I know some kick-ass defence moves.”

I grin at her. “When did that happen?”

“Well, watching you was a big inspiration, but you try getting respect from the Dingoes when you’re only half their size. I had to do something. And lugging equipment has really helped my grow some muscles.”

I’m so proud of her. I ruffle her hair affectionately and she ducks out of the way, sticking her tongue out at me.

Taz clears her throat, reminding me that I was mid plan. Or at least I seemed that way, that was actually as far as I got.

“The Frogs said they can come here if we need them.” Faith offers. “Sorry, should have mentioned it earlier.”

Something occurs to me. I turn to face Taz. “How do you know Max is coming here? And how do we know we can trust you? You could be working for him?”

She snorts. “Max hates humans, he’d turn me if he wanted me working for him. And as you can see, I’m not a vampire because of the sunlight and the not needing an invitation in here.”

“How do you know this is invitation only?” Giles asks suspiciously. “It’s a shop, public access.”

Taz grins. “Oh please, this place is glowing blue with all the protection spells around it. I’m good at auras and mystical things.”

“So how do you get your information?”

“I have a couple of vamps that I… uh, pay for info.” She blushes, and it makes me wonder if her payment is something other than money. I feel like I can trust her, I don’t know what it is about her, maybe it’s the way she seemed to click into position when she got here. Just like Faith did when she arrived in Sunnydale. Maybe that’s not such a great example, but then again, Faith had her reasons for doing the things she did.

I rub my forehead, as I’m suddenly hit by a wave of tiredness… and hunger. I glance at Faith, she gets it. She stands up.

“Right, we need more info about this Max guy. See if he has any weaknesses, it was hard enough to kill him last time, but we do have the advantage of playing on home ground.”

“On a Hellmouth though.” Taz adds. “That’s not a plus.”

I stare at her muzzily. She knows an awful lot, she only looks like she’s Dawn’s age.

“I don’t suppose your contact has any more information?” Faith asks her.

“I’ll see what I can do. It’s gonna be tough though, Max is staking anyone he thinks betrayed him. I’m running out of vamps are willing to take the risk.”

“Maybe we can give him a vamp.” She says thoughtfully. “Maybe Spike can play double agent for us.”

“No, we can’t trust Spike.” I mutter.

“He loves you,” she says through gritted teeth. “Maybe that would swing it for him.”

“He knows I love you though.” I rest my head on the cool wood of Giles’ table. “He’d switch teams very quickly to go with the winning side.”

“Hrmm. Ok, we need to know what Max’s plan is. He’s a head vampire, it’s going to be far bigger than just killing us. Blondie, Red, can you get on the net and see if we can dig out any prophesies coming up? You’ve got my password for the Watcher’s website, haven’t you?”

They nod and retreat to the back room. I watch them hazily, as Willow excitedly babbles about how much easier this is going to be now Giles has installed an ISDN line.

“Anya, Xander, Baby D and Wizard Of…”

Wizard of? Faith, that’s deeply cute.

“… can you please grab some books and see if we can find out anything about him. Taz, how old is Max?”

“He’s about five or six hundred years old.” She supplies.

“Anya, you’re ancient, anything you know about him? Taz, has he ever gone by any other names?”

Anya indignantly responds that she’s not ancient, a heated debate breaks out about the political correctness of Faith’s statement. Giles breaks it up, and Taz excuses herself to make a call to see what she can find out. Anya huffily joins Xander by the books.

I decide it’s time for me to pass out.

Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration Vic. You rock my world. Can’t wait to put more Maya and Taz in here as a thank you.

Go! Go! Buffalo!

Faith’s POV

This sucks. B’s passed out, I ask Xander to help me lug her into the back room where she can doze peacefully. He reluctantly agrees. I tell him that she’s fine, that she’s just B with big teeth, but he doesn’t look reassured. This isn’t good.

I call the Frogs and invite them down for a Stake-fest. They agree. Strangely, I’m looking forward to seeing them again. I know they don’t like me, and they certainly don’t like B, and they never speak… I’m sure they have good points that I miss, but I can’t think of any. Maybe it’s because I’m pissed off at the division in the Scooby Gang, at least the Frogs aren’t throwing away seven years of friendship by not trusting B.

And wow, three new Scoobs in one day—and two old. Maybe I can hook Taz up with one of them, possibly Edgar since he’s older and the leader, it might make them loosen up a little.

A couple of hours later and I get a phone call from them asking for directions. I hide a laugh, Sunnydale is tiny and still they manage to get lost.

I’m getting very restless. All the research is turning up nothing. No prophesies are approaching, we can’t turn up a single thing about Max, and Taz’s connection has vanished. I need to hit something.

Taz tentatively approaches me. “Um, I saw some training equipment in the back room.” She says. “I feel so useless not being able to help, I was wondering if I could possibly work out?”

I grin. “Sure, I was thinking the same thing myself. Some company would be nice.”

“Oh, well, do you want to spar?”

I hide my smirk. “No offence, but I’m a Slayer, I don’t want to pulverise you.”

“Give me your best shot.” She challenges.

Hrmm. She’s cocky. Why not? I can always play gentle with her. But she’s so small. Ah, what the hell, I’ll behave myself, go easy on her. Sooner or later she’ll tire of it.

“Oomph!” I hit the wall and am too dazed to flip myself back onto my feet before she comes in on me and pins me to the floor. She whips out a stake and slams it down, stopping only millimetres from my chest.

“Tag, you’re it!” She says cheerfully, hopping of me.

I’m stunned. I wasn’t holding back. “How the hell did you do that?” I ask in amazement.

She shrugs. “I don’t know. I got bit by a vampire one night and I’ve never been the same since. He made me drink his blood too, but I didn’t die first, so all I can guess is that I absorbed some of his power.”

“So you are a vampire?” I ask in confusion.

“Do I look like one?” She opens the shutters to the window and stands in the sun. The rays hit her and B who’s dozing on the couch to the side. Taz doesn’t react, but B does, moaning softly and shielding her face from the sun.

“Shit! I’m sorry.” She hurriedly closes the shutters again.

I move to B, she looks awful. “You ok, B?”

Her eyelids flutter. “Fai? Hi.”

“Hey. How you feeling?”

“Tired and confused. Did a leprechaun just beat you up, or did I dream that?”

I grin at Taz. “Bit of both.”

“Nice.” She murmurs and falls asleep again.

Buffy’s POV

I wake up late afternoon, but only really come to after the sun has set. Everyone looks anxious and frustrated, the research has turned up nothing.

The Frogs have arrived, and by all accounts, they were hindering more than helping, so Faith sent them away and told them to settle into the motel and we’d be round later to pick them up. They took Tara with them to perform a protection spell on their room, so we all seem to be covered.

So Taz, Edgar and Alan are coming on tonight’s patrol with Faith and I. It seems like overkill, but hey, we’re getting paid and they aren’t, so things are good.

Moments later Oz and Dawn appear, saying they want to tag along.

I yell at Dawn for a good fifteen minutes before admitting defeat. She’s as stubborn as they come. I guess the Monks really did make her out of me.

We should really split up, but I really don’t want to let Dawn out of my sight, and Oz will want to be with her. And The Frogs really shouldn’t be Slayerless in Sunnydale. And Taz, well, Faith says she can take care of herself, but I don’t want to find her corpse lying around here.

So we’re travelling in a big group.

“Vampire.” Says Taz.

“Where?” We all ask in hushed tones.

“There.” She points.

I sigh. “That’s not a vampire… or at least, not a real one. That’s just Spike.”

“Spike? As in William the Bloody?” She asks in interest.

“Yeah, but he has a chip in his head, he can’t hurt humans. So he fights demons with us.” Faith explains.

“It’s not out of goodness,” I say. “It’s out of love for a good fight.”

Dawn elbows me in the ribs. “Don’t be mean.” She says, then takes off, running towards him. “Spike!”

Spike looks, does a double-take and grins at her. “Little bit? No, you’re a medium sized bit by now!” He wraps her up in a big hug that worries me.

I sigh. Great, there are eight of us on patrol now. Dawn starts chattering to Spike, filling him in on her life over the past few months and he listens with what looks like genuine interest.

Oz makes his way over to me. “Are those two always so quiet?” he asks, nodding at the Frogs, who, naturally are in camouflage gear.

“Pot. Black. Kettle. Calling. The. Rearrange the words.”

He grins at me. “Just checking.”

“Another vampire.” Taz says.

“Or seven.” Adds Faith.

Fantastic. I was hoping for a good fight. I turn to Oz, “Get Dawn somewhere safe.”

Then we all leap into the fray.

I see Taz is the first to get the upper hand and she slams a stake into the heart of her vampire. It dusts instantly and I hear her say, “Holy fuck! Is it broken?”

I guess she’s used to the smooshing kind of vampires in Santa Carla.

Faith and I tag-team with our vamps, occasionally switching for variety. I’m totally juiced from this fight and I don’t want to stake my vamp, I’m having fun.

Taz and Spike pair up and start playing the same game as Faith and I.

We throw our vamps back to back and slam our stakes in at the same time, meeting for a kiss through the dust. It’s our trademark move. We then go and assist the Frogs with their vampires. I’m surprised to note that they have the situation in hand and they stake them efficiently.

“What, no kiss?” I hear Spike ask as he and Taz perform the same move as Faith and I.

“You’re too tall.” She flings back. “And not my type.”

“That was great.” Dawn applauds. “I wish you’d let me do that.”

“Go! Go! Buffalo!” Oz agrees with enthusiasm.

Faith and I exchange a look. Go! Go! Buffalo?

“Don’t ask.” Dawn advises, seeing our look.

Faith’s POV

“That was fun. Where’s the rest?” Taz asks excitedly. “And what’s with the…” She doesn’t quite know how to say it. “the whsshh? Why don’t they smoosh?”

“The dusting?” I grin. “Big improvement on the smooshing, right?”

She and the Frogs nod in agreement.

“Why don’t we have that breed in Santa Carla?” Edgar moans. “It would save having to explain to our mother why we come home drenched in red goo every night.”

It’s probably the most I’ve ever heard him say in any one sentence.

“Vampire coming.” Spike says.

What is with people tonight? Since when do we need public service announcements?

We all turn and Taz moves to the front. I think she really likes the dusting.

She rushes forward to the brunette that’s moving slowly across the cemetery. Instead of fighting, we’re surprised to see her take the other small girl in her arms.

We hurry over, our curiosity piqued.

“Minx, are you ok?”

The brunette holds Taz tighter. “I’m ok.”

“Who’s this?” Spike asks in a pissed off tone. “And why am I getting the feeling she’s a vampire?”

Taz stands protectively in front of the other girl. “She’s Maya, my girlfriend. And she’s…” She sighs and tails off.

“I’m a half vampire.” Maya supplies.

“So this is a vengeance kick for you too?” I ask Taz.

She and Maya exchange a look. “Something like that.” Taz answers, then turns to Maya. “I thought you were going to stay in Santa Carla.”

“I was, but I missed you. And I don’t want you out here without me, I do worry you know.”

I wink at B. These two are really cute.

“But you’d be safe in Santa Carla.” Taz tells her as we begin to walk through the cemetery.

“I did have one other reason to come here.”

“What’s that?”

“Max has raised the Lost Boys. I saw David last night.” She says.

I feel the world start to shatter beneath me. I killed David, well, B did. I set him on fire. “He’s dead!”

“Are you sure it was him?” Edgar asks.

“Quite sure. Moments later I saw Dwayne, Paul and Marko walking around the Boardwalk.” Maya responds.

“Did they see you?” Taz asks, with worry.

“No, I was hidden in the shadows.”

“You should call your parents.” Buffy tells Edgar and Alan. “Tell them to shut the shop until this is over, have them put some crosses on the doors too.”

“Our parents don’t believe in God. They’re hippies, they worship nature.” Alan says.

“Find a way to convince them.”

“Um!” Dawn speaks up. “What are the Lost Boys, and who are David and whatever other names there were?”

Spike answers before we can. “The Lost Boys are a pack of vampires, consisting of David, their leader, Dwayne, his second, and Paul and Marko. They do let other vampires run with them, but they’re very close knit, won’t let anyone else live with them.”

“You know them?” Buffy asks.

“Sure. Dru and I had great fun with David, he liked to travel before Dwayne and the others were turned. We met him in London, then we went to Ireland together.”

“So the others are only a hundred or so years old?” I ask.

“Sure. They are. David’s at least three hundred. I can’t believe you killed him.”

“He’s a bad guy.” B spells it out for him.

“Yeah, but the sodding nonce owes me twenty quid.” He grins at B. “So how do know them?”

“I… uh…”

She slept with Marko and got turned is what happened, of course, she’s not going to tell him that.

“Um, I went on a date with one of them.” She says nervously. “I was drunk and David gave me some ‘wine’.”

“Bet it was Dwayne.” He guesses. “He’s your type.” He glances at me. “Pre-dykehood, obviously. That guy could brood for weeks, and he didn’t even have a soul.”

“Actually, it was Marko.” She replies.

Spike bursts out laughing.

B glares at him. “Now that we’ve laughed at my life, can some of you go home? It’s dead tonight—no pun intended—and we don’t need eight people patrolling.”

Nobody moves.

Buffy’s POV

If Spike weren’t so damn helpful I’d stake him, but he seems to know more about the Lost Boys than the rest of us put together.

I notice Edgar and Alan looking around with annoyed expressions. “Is there anyone here who’s not a vampire?”

Oz, Dawn, Taz and Faith raise their hands.

“But I’m a werewolf.” Oz adds.

“And I was a key.” From Dawn.

Taz speaks up. “I’m pretty sure I’m still human.”

“And I’m a Slayer, so I don’t think I’m exactly a normal human.” Faith tells them.

They exchange disgusted looks. Yay! I think idiotically. They hate us again!

“Willow and Tara are human.” Dawn says, trying to win them back.

“But they are kick-ass witches.” Faith points out.

“How about Xander and Anya?” Taz asks.

“Anya’s an ex-vengeance demon. She’s about a thousand years old.” Oz says.

I grin big at them. “But Xander’s human. You’ll like him, he’s had some form of military training.” It’s only a mild lie, he got turned into a soldier one Halloween, that counts, right? “And Giles is our Watcher, he’s human through and through.”

“We noticed there are quite a few cemeteries around. We’ll go patrol elsewhere.” Edgar tells us. Ordinarily I’d say no, but I was actually quite impressed with the no-nonsense way they dealt with the vamps earlier.

“There’s forty-three, to be precise.” I grin. “Take your pick. And be careful.”

They bid us goodnight and head off, arguing amongst themselves over which direction to go in. I notice that Alan’s standing up to his brother more that he was last time we saw them.

“Anyone else going home?” I ask. “Spike, you might as well. Go get some rest, we want to see you in the Magic Box tomorrow.”

“Why?” He asks indignantly.

I sigh. “Because you’re always at Scooby meetings, why should this be any different? And besides, you know the Lost Boys.”

“I’ll do it on one condition.”


“You get my twenty quid off David before you kill him.” He says.

Oh for God’s sake! “Fine.” I say in a very tired tone.

I turn to Maya and Taz. “Do you guys have somewhere to stay?”

Taz nods. “I’m at a motel, I’m sure Maya won’t mind bunking with me.” She grins impishly.

“Ok, well, we’ll see you tomorrow morning at the shop again?”

“Sure.” Maya answers. I love the way they talk as a pair. It’s so cute. “I think Taz wants to dust a few more vamps first, she seems to like the whsss noise.”

“You saw that?” Taz asks as they begin to make their exit.

“Of course I did. I was hiding, but I saw.”

I grin at Faith. “Now, if we can get these two to leave,” I gesture to Oz and Dawn. “It’s just you and me again.”

“Scat!” Faith tells them. “Go! Leave!”

“Let’s leave the lesbians to it.” Dawn says.

“As always, it was a pleasure.” Oz smiles at us.


Finally, I’m alone with my girlfriend.

I’m writing in more POV’s from now on. The original characters will also feature in this a lot. I get the feeling this is going to be a huge fic. *sigh*

Love and Stuff

Faith’s POV

“Today’s been bizarre.” I say.

She nods and takes a seat on a nearby grave. “Too many people have shown up in the past twenty-four hours.”

“And they’re not all here yet.” I add.

“Ah yes, the five uninvited guests.”

“If Max only brings his Lost Boys, more if he…” I tail off. I should cheer her up, not bring her down. “Of course, we’ve killed them before, and this time we’ve got more players. We’ll crush them.”

“Yeah.” She seems kind of down.

I take a seat next to her. “What’s up, Curly?” I only call her that when we’re alone. B is so… I don’t know… I’ve called her ‘B’ since before we were together, as a name it’s fine, but as a term of endearment it’s not much. So I call her Curly, thanks to our bonding session a few days after we got back from Santa Carla.

She rests her chin on my shoulder. “I don’t know, Annie. I get the feeling I’ve forgotten to do something.”

I know what she means, I’ve had a strange feeling all day that I couldn’t put my finger on. “I guess it’s just the stress.” I say. “I mean, the research isn’t going anywhere and people keep appearing.”

“I guess.”

Then in occurs to me what might be bothering her. “You hungry, B?”

She gives me a deer-in-headlights kind of look, which I interpret as yes. “Maybe we could stop by Spike’s crypt and get some blood.”

I shrug. “Why bother?” I flip my hair off my neck and offer it to her.

“Don’t do that, Fai.” She cautions, unable to tear her eyes from my throat.

“We’ve done this before.” I say. “Why not now?”

“We didn’t have any choice last time.” She says softly. “There wasn’t any other option.”

I take her hand. “B, last time we did this I felt completely bonded to you. I didn’t lose respect for you, if that’s what your worried about. And to be completely honest, I don’t want you drinking pig’s blood.” It’s more than that, I’m jealous of anything else she drinks.

I want to be the one that gives her what she needs.

“I don’t know if I can do this.” She says in a worried tone.

“Well I do.”

As I guide her teeth to my throat a small part of me wonders if this is a wicked stupid thing to do on a Hellmouth.

Maya’s POV

“Are you sure we’re safe with them?” I ask as we walk through the cemetery.

“They’re Slayers.” She replies, her eyes constantly scanning the area for vampires. She really loves the way they dust. I think if all goes to plan we might stay here afterwards, have ourselves a little holiday.

If things go really well we might even stay longer.

“That’s what I mean, Tezzie. Are you sure they’re not going to stake me?” I’m not all that nervous. Taz will burn the town to ashes before letting someone hurt me. However, it’s nice to see these things coming.

“Buffy, she’s the blonde, she’s a half vamp at the moment. I think it would be hypocritical for her to stake you. And if she goes anywhere near you, I’ll kick her ass.”

See? She’s my protector. “How about the other one?”

“Faith? I like her, we really bonded today.”

Bonded? How so? Literally? Figuratively? Details please! Deep breath, no jealousy in the voice, Minx. “Really?” Ooh, smooth, very neutral.

“Yeah, I kicked her ass across the training room. She’s a good fighter.”

“Better than you?” I tease, my jealousy abated.

“Nah! I’m wonderful.” She teases back, then turns serious. “I’m really glad you’re here, Minx. But I’m worried about you, it’s dangerous here. I thought we decided you’d stay in Santa Carla.”

“I don’t like you being here by yourself.” I reply. “I know you think you’re almost invincible, but I worry about you too.”

“But Santa Carla is almost vamp-free now, you’d be safe. All the head honchos are on their way here.” She protests gently.

“That’s the point. All the important ones aren’t around, just the low-key vamps. I don’t know them, so I don’t know who I should be around and who I should avoid.” I point out.

She stops walking and drops a kiss on my lips. We’ve been together for such a long time and still every touch excites me.

“I love you, Minx.” She whispers.

“I love you too, Tezzie.”

“Let’s go get something to eat.” She suggests.

“I will want dessert after.” I give her a wink.

It takes all of her powers of restraint not to drag me to the ground and rip my clothes off. You don’t have to be psychic to know that, it’s written all over her face.

Buffy’s POV

Which way round is the room supposed to be? Faith and I have just spent two hours on the ceiling and now that we’re lying in bed the room feels upside-down to me.

“I’m really going to miss that when you turn back.” Faith murmurs sleepily from her snuggly position next to me.

“Ummm. Me too.” I agree. “I wish I could keep the flying. It almost makes me want to just keep Max in a big cage for the rest of my life.”

“There’s a thought.” She turns over to face me. “Are you invincible now?”

“Aside from my pathological fear or religious objects and sunlight.” I say despondently.

“You’re feeling the symptoms quickly this time.” She looks worried.

“Must be the Hellmouth effect.” I say trying to wave it off.

“We’re gonna fix this, B.” She says firmly. “I’m not losing you.”

“I know, the Chosen Two doesn’t work so well with just one.” I grin at her. I’m trying not to worry. We got through this last time, we can do it again.

“No, Buffy. I really don’t want to lose you.”

The use of my full name gets my attention. She reaches into the drawer of her nightstand and brings out a small velvet box.

She bites her lip. “I wanted to do something really special, like take you out to a nice fancy restaurant or something, but with all this going on at the moment…” She smiles hopefully. “And I probably should have waited until I could take you out, but I bought the ring a few days ago and it’s been burning a hole in my pocket. And wow, check out me babbling, I’m turning into you, or Willow or something. Repetition of ‘something’, must buy a thesaurus, but—”

I cut her off with a kiss. “Are you going to ask me to marry you or not?” I ask.

She holds out the ring. “Are you going to say yes?”

“Just put the damn ring on my finger!” I growl.

She looks shocked, I actually growled at her. Guess that’s another vamp trait.

Then she laughs and slips the ring on. It’s a perfect fit. “I love you, Faith Winter.”

“I love you, Buffy Summers.”

“So,” I pull her closer to me. “Whose surname shall we use?”

Willow’s POV

“Still nothing.” I say in exasperation, turning away from my laptop.

I’ve got four web pages open and two instant message conversations. One conversation is with a Watcher in England, who Tara and I met while on honeymoon, he’s always been very helpful in the past. I would almost go so far as to say I trust him.

The other is with Cordelia, who has had a very abstract vision.

So abstract that I’m not entirely convinced it wasn’t a drug-induced hallucination rather than a genuine Powers-That-Be vision.

Something about a butterfly and an apocalypse. The number seven has stayed with her all day. I’m thinking that she watched two many Omen type movies, dropped some acid and dreamed this up.

My computer beeps, indicating that Cordy has more to say and I turn my attention back to the screen.

* Chasing the Vision says: Any idea what it means?

\\ Red Wiccan says: None, but I’ll let you know if I have inspiration. Are you sure it was a Sunnydale vision?

* Chasing the Vision says: Totally. Buffy featured. Since when does she have fangs? Keep an eye on her!

\\ Red Wiccan says: Will do.

* Chasing the Vision says: Don’t worry, Will. I felt that you have several days to stop this before it happens! Team LA is rooting for you!

I pause. Should I tell her about Buffy? No, it will only worry her.

\\ Red Wiccan says: Thanks! Let me know if you have any more input!

* Chasing the Vision says: Will do, give everyone a hug for me. 🙂

\\ Red Wiccan says: Sure, do the same for me! 🙂

We say our goodbyes and I log off and shut the computer down, rubbing my eyes tiredly. “Any luck?” I ask Tara hopefully.

She shakes her head. “Nothing, it’s like this Max guy doesn’t even exist. Or maybe he’s so old that he’s not even in the books.”

I lie down on the bed next to her. “We’ll find something. He’s not as old as the Master was, and he was in all the books.”

“You’re right. We just need a little help.”

“Don’t worry, honey.” She puts her book down and strokes my hair. “We’ll win, we always do.”

“I know, it’s just Cordy’s vision, she’s certain that it’s meant for us.” I say. I read it out to Tara as Cordy typed.

“Well, we should get some sleep, then tomorrow Giles can decipher it.”

“I’m not sleepy.” I tell her with a grin.

“In that case I’ll just have to tire you out!”