Dialogue-only gossip fic. Pairing and (vague semblance of a) plot withheld




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“It’s really over, isn’t it?”

“I’m so sorry, Guy.”

“Is there someone else?”

“I’m just so sorry.”

“You hear about Connie and Guy?”

“Break up number eleven… or is it twelve?”

“Don’t exaggerate, it’s number nine.”

“So how come Guy looks so bummed?”

“Averman, do you have no compassion? The guy got dumped again.”

“Key word: again. He should be used to it by now.”

“You have no heart.”

“Bite me, Mendoza.”

“Hey, Jules, what’s wrong?”

“Why would anything be wrong, Kenny?”

“Because Mrs Madigan just handed our tests back and you got a B.”

“So? I had an off day. Even brains like me have stupid days.”

“Yeah, but you smiled when you got the result.”


“In fact, you’re still smiling.”

“Hey, Cons. You ok?”

“Good, thanks.”


“Really… honestly, Charlie. I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“What’s with the third degree?”

“I heard about you and Guy.”


“So… you’re really…”

Fine! Sometimes, things just don’t work out.”

“I guess.”

“And sometimes, other things do.”

“Hey, Little Bash Bro. Seen Fulton?”

“I think he’s doing detention or for playing Frizbee with the plates in the canteen again.”


“Talked to Jules today?”

“No, why?”

“She seems weird.”

“Weird how?”


“That is weird. Drugs?”


“What’s worse than that?”

“I think she’s in love.”

“Really? But I’ve never seen Jules talk to anyone else but Connie.”

“She strikes me as the discreet type.”

“We should investigate.”

“We can be discreet too.”

“Yo! Jules! Portman tells me you’re in love!”

“I am? Did he say who with?”

“Well, no. He sent me to find out.”

“As soon as you do, let me know.”

“You’re killing me, Cat Lady.”

“Sorry, Fulton.”

“You know, Kenny’s right. You’re smiling.”

“Hey, Connie.”

“Hi, Adam. If Charlie sent you over to ask, tell him I’m fine.”

“Actually, Portman sent me over to find out if you know who Julie’s in love with.”

“Julie’s in love?”

“Well, she was smiling a lot.”


“You know, you’re smiling too.”

“Hey, Jules.”

“Hey, Cons.”

“You think they’ve figured it out yet?”

“There’s been a lot of conversations about smiles.”