A Moonlight Interlude

Three weeks after the events of “A Moonlight Tale” Luna reflects on the changes in her life, and where she actually belongs now she knows the truth.



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Notes: This is set about three weeks after the end of A Moonlight Tale.

Status: This interlude is complete but there may be more to come.

Luna shivered and pulled the covers tighter around her body. During the day it was so hot in the cave, moving felt too much like hard work, but by night the cold draughts turned the cave positively chilly.

Moving to the cave had been the boys’ idea. She wasn’t sure if it was Marko or David’s suggestion but Marko had been the one to ask her.

It had seemed like a good idea at the time, but when it was this cold and she was tired but couldn’t sleep she regretted it. The cave was dark and oppressive when the boys weren’t around.

They were out hunting. She winced. She didn’t like to think about it. Somehow, in the past month she had slid from her moral high ground. Once she had been a normal girl—only a few short weeks ago, actually—and then her parents had died.

Then she found out her dad wasn’t her dad.

Then she ran away to Santa Carla to find out who her father was.

Then she had started dating Marko.

Then she found out that her father was the head of a pack of vampires.

And Marko was one of them.

And then came the realisation that they were the same beings that killed Edgar and Alan’s parents and her great-grandpa.

Somewhere in the middle of all that confusion she had fallen in love with Marko and decided to go against her better judgement and stay with the pack.

She got up and raided her bag for another sweater to put over the one she was already wearing.

The boys didn’t feel the cold. Of course they didn’t. They were technically dead.

She wrapped the blanket around her once more and lay down on the bed making sure she faced away from the cave entrance. She didn’t like to see the boys entering the cave after their hunt.

It wasn’t what they did that bothered her.

Not anymore.

It was the fact that she wasn’t bothered by what they did.

She decided she wasn’t going to get to sleep, so she swathed herself in blankets and sat up, prepared to read. Instead her thoughts turned back to the boys.

Of all the boys, aside from Marko, she felt most comfortable with Paul. He was the most laid back and easy going of all of them. He had just accepted her into the pack.

Dwayne, she had barely spoken to. He never seemed to talk unless absolutely necessary. He seemed almost as pack-driven as David, but perhaps more reasonable, less likely to lose his temper.

David, despite being her father—or maybe because of it—creeped her out a little. He was polite, verging on kind to her, but she never knew what was going on inside his head. He hadn’t accepted her just because of her relation to him, she had come to understand that David was always thinking about the big picture for his pack. And that worried her. She wasn’t sure was his plans for her involved. And on another level, it gave her the wiggins to look at the man who had created her, and see someone who looked only five years older than herself.

His mood towards her had changed over the past few weeks. Their first encounter had been terrifying, but after that, she had decided that he wasn’t a threat to her. However, he had become increasingly icy towards her.

Marko had glossed over that, explaining that David was worried about his pack.

David’s attitude was beginning to make her feel like she’d made the wrong decision. Perhaps she should have gone home. To be honest, there was nothing stopping her. And her Uncle Sam was probably going nuts, sure she phoned him every other day to let him know that she was ok, but it probably didn’t help.

She was seriously considering going home. Except that didn’t seem like a good idea either. How could she go home to her uncles and calmly explain that she was ok and that she’d been staying with vampires? The very same vampires that had killed Sam’s grandfather and Edgar and Alan’s parents.

If she had just run when she found out what they were things would have been easier. She could have gone home and explained that she had found out the truth about Santa Carla and who her father was, but it didn’t matter. That she was going to pretend that it had never happened. That she was an Emerson through and through.

But then she wouldn’t have Marko. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth when she thought of him. She had fallen head over heels for him.

And he had for her. He had tried to take her away from Santa Carla, even if it meant being killed by his pack.

She heard whoops and yells, signalling the return of the pack. Marko came straight over to her, tapping her shoulder to get her attention.

“Hey, Lu,” he said softly.

She turned over to look at him. “Hey yourself.”

“We’ve got food, you hungry?” he asked.

“Yeah.” She wriggled out of the cocoon of blankets and they made their way to the main part of the cave. She sat down on the couch next to Paul.

“Hey, girl.” Paul ruffled her hair and held a joint to her. “You want?”

She rolled her eyes, he was forever trying to get her to smoke weed. “Nah, don’t want to deprive you. I’ve heard you’re a nightmare without it.”

“Hearsay,” he replied easily.

“I’ve also heard that if you smoke enough of this, it stops you singing.”

“That’s true,” Marko interjected. “Thankfully.”

“You’re just jealous of my talent,” Paul replied.

“No, we’re sorry we have to listen to you.”

“We have this discussion every night,” Dwayne pointed out. “Can’t we just gag Paul?”

“How about we gag all of you?” Luna suggested.

“Then you wouldn’t be a part of this scintillating conversation,” Paul replied.

“Just smoke, Paul, don’t talk,” She said with a smile. She was comfortable in the situation. They were her friends, like big brothers, fun to tease and they made her feel safe. Except they were vampires. They had tried to kill her family. So really she shouldn’t feel safe at all.

A person could go crazy thinking about it.