Sarah makes her stalkee write. Author fic—this means that it features real people and fandom characters talking about fic. What that means is that it’s probably not worth reading unless you’re me or Carla!

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Sarah wandered up the stairs with Dwayne. “Are you sure this is Carla’s room? … Wait, you’ve been here before, of course you’re sure.”

“Some stalker you are.” Paul muttered. “You don’t even know where she lives.”

Sarah glared at him. “We have rules you know! I’m only on Intermediate Stalking at the moment, of course I don’t know her address.”

“But you do now?” Marko asked.

“Yes.” Sarah replied in exasperation. “Now I get to move up a level. Soon I get my first restraining order.”

“That’s great.” Paul commented sardonically, and got yet another glare in return.

“I wish you two were as quiet as David and Dwayne.” Sarah muttered.

“Here we are.” Dwayne announced, pointing to a door.

Sarah realised the four Lost Boys were staring at her. “What?”

“Knock then.” David said.

“Why me?” She asked.

“Because this was your idea. We come, we stalk Carla, we make her write, we leave. Hopefully before she gets huffy.” Marko grinned.

Sarah sighed and knocked on the door. “Carla, can we come in?”

“Who’s ‘we’?” Came the reply.

“Um, just the Lost Boys and your Stalker.”

“Come in.”

Sarah heaved a big sigh of relief. “You can talk to her.” She told Dwayne in a low voice before she went in.

“She’s your Stalkee.” Dwayne replied. “And you’re the one who wants her to write.”

“Hi!” Carla said, bouncing over to Sarah. “How goes life? And I thought you weren’t supposed to have my address until you’d moved up from Intermediate Stalking.”

Sarah gave Paul and Marko an ‘I told you so’ look. “Life goes good, and it’s about time for me to move up, I’ve been Intermediate for ages. Besides, you can now get a restraining order. Oh, and I need you to sign these forms to say that I’ve been doing my job properly.”

“Oooh.” Carla took the forms and scanned them briefly. “So to what do I owe the pleasure of your company?”

Sarah pulled an innocent face. “Just thought I’d drop by and stalk you. Plus, forms, very important if I want my certificates.”

“She came to make you write.” Paul supplied instantly.

“Write what?” Carla asked. “I’m working on Darkness Falls, you know that.”

“Great!” Sarah said enthusiastically. “Well, I’ll just be off then.”

Marko poked her in the ribs. “Don’t wimp out now, you’ve been annoying us all day with this idea.”

“Idea?” Carla asked. “What id—” She stopped talking at the sound of muffled rapid thumps from down the hall.

“What was that?” Sarah asked.

“No idea.” Carla responded as the thumping sound got louder and closer to her room.

The all turned towards the door.

“Ta-daaaaaaaa!” Terri said triumphantly from the doorway. For some unknown reason she was in a purple sleeping bag and bouncing along. She bounced into the room. “Hey all!”

“Urgh.” Sarah muttered and quickly hid behind Dwayne.

David rolled his eyes and muttered something about killing Terri if necessary.

Carla found her voice first. “Terri, I have to ask, why are you in a sleeping bag?”

Terri bounded over to Carla and gave her a big smile. “I’m a lost Poppel. See, I’m all vampy and in a bag, which I can put on my back if need be. I’m all poppely.” She replied climbing out of the sleeping bag and attempting to roll it up.

“Riiiight.” Carla replied slowly. “And my next question would be: why?”

Terri admitted defeat in rolling up the sleeping bag and threw it at David, “Be a love and sort that out for me.” She turned back to Carla. “Because of Sarah’s idea. And your idea too.”

David threw the sleeping bag on the floor. “Is Maya with you?” He asked Terri.

“No.” Terri replied shortly, glaring at him.

“In that case I’ll be outside.” He said leaving quickly.

“Something I said?” Terri asked innocently.

Carla tentatively touched Terri on the arm. “Again, why the sleeping bag? What idea?”

“Sarah didn’t tell you?”

“I was just about to when you bounded in.” Sarah said, reluctantly making herself known. “She means that Lost Poppel idea we had months ago. I think Terri meant to inspire you.” She gave Carla an apologetic look.

“And why do I need inspiration?”

“Because it’s nearly Halloween!” Terri chimed in excitedly. “You should write a Lost Cave Halloween story.”

“Nearly Halloween?” Carla repeated incredulously. “Guys, it’s September.”

Sarah grinned. “It’s nearly the end of September, which means it’s almost October, and that’s nearly Halloween. Besides, you wouldn’t want me to spring this on you only a few days before, would you?”

Carla sighed as Terri started to explore her room.

“Terri!” Sarah cautioned quickly. “Don’t touch—”


“anything.” Sigh. “Sorry, hope that wasn’t expensive.”

Carla gave the mess a cursory glance. “Don’t worry, it’s my roommate’s.”

Terri grinned at Carla. “Do you have any paints? I could do a lovely mural of the Boys on your wall if you want.”

Carla gave her a worried glance. “That’s a lovely idea, but no thanks.”

“Sorry.” Sarah said again, then turned to Paul and Marko. “Can’t you two get rid of her?”

“We could.” Marko said.

“And we would.” Paul added. “If it wasn’t so much fun to see how much trouble she can get you into.”

Dwayne stepped forwards and picked Terri up over his shoulder, opened Carla’s window and then dropped her out of it. “Go see David.” He instructed as she fell.

“Thanks.” Carla and Sarah told him in unison.

Marko poked his head out of the window. “She landed on David. That fight will be going on for days.” He reported, shutting the window to cut off the indignant and no doubt insulting Irish that was gushing forth from Terri’s mouth.

“So you came, your character smashed my roommate’s snow-globe, you’ve disrupted my muses and annoyed David. I’d say you’re about done here.” Carla told Sarah.

“In my defence, blame Terri.” Sarah replied, backing slowly out of the room.

“I’m back!” An Irish voice announced cheerfully from Carla’s doorway.

“Sorry.” Sarah said yet again.

“Just one more thing before we go.” Terri said walking into the room and picking up her sleeping bag. “I have a gift for you.”

She rummaged in it and finally presented Carla with a pointy hat.

Carla and Sarah snorted, while the boys looked on wonderingly.

“Wanna see me do the pointy hat trick?” Terri offered.

“NO!” The mortals responded instantly.

“Fine.” Terri looked annoyed. “But I’ve been working on pulling a rabbit out of it for ages.”

“Let’s go.” Sarah said, grabbing Terri’s arm. “Think about writing that Lost Poppel story!”

“I want to stay.” Terri said. “I have my sleeping bag. Carla, can I stay here tonight?”

“No you can’t.” Sarah told her firmly. “Again, I apologise.”

“I want to stay!” Terri yelled.

“I’m, uh, busy tonight.” Carla said. “Otherwise, I’d love for you to stay.”

“That’s ok.” Terri grinned. “I’ll just stay quiet while you do whatever it is you have to do, then we can talk all night.”

Carla walked over to Sarah and whispered in her ear. “If you get rid of her, I’ll write that fic.”

“Terri, let’s leave Carla alone.” Sarah suggested. “I think Maya’s waiting for you. I’m sure she left a message on my answer phone about wanting to see you.”

“Ok.” Terri’s face lit up. “Some other time!” She said over her shoulder as she dashed out of the room.

“Again, I apologise.” Sarah said yet again, before bounding out of the room to stop her character causing any more mayhem.

Carla sighed deeply then glared at Paul, Dwayne and Marko. “Thanks for bringing them over.” She picked up the forms that Sarah brought over and scanned them quickly until she found what she was looking for.

She went over to the phone and quickly dialled. “Hi, I’d like to take out a restraining order…”