My Deepest Darkest

Buffy and Faith trade deepest darkest secrets. Another bit of fluffy nonsense from me. The Lost Series (Story 1.5) but can be stand-alone.



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“C’mon, tell me.” Buffy wheedled, trailing her fingers over Faith’s naked stomach, admiring the flex of muscles when she hit a ticklish spot.

“Uh-huh, B.” Faith responded. “I’m not big on sharing.”

“Tell me about it, you’re hogging the covers.” Buffy dropped a kiss on her lover’s stomach, beyond fascinated with the flexing muscles.

“At least I don’t snore.”

“I don’t snore!”

“You do, B. Trust me. In fact, you could ask my neighbours, they’ll testify that the entire motel shakes when you sleep. In fact, they can probably hear you in Santa Carla.

“That would be your snoring, lover. Not mine. And don’t change the subject, tell me one of your secrets, I don’t know anything about you… and I want to know more about the woman I love.”

Faith gasped, then recovered. “Oh yeah, you have to guilt trip me with that love thing.”

Buffy moved slightly trailing kisses over Faith’s body. “I.” Kiss “love.” Kiss “you.” Kiss.

Faith groaned. “What do you want to know?”

“Anything.” Kiss. “Tell me.” Kiss. “Something.” Kiss. “No-one else.” Kiss. “Knows.”

“Winter.” Faith said suddenly.

Buffy raised her head and looked Faith in the eye. “Winter?”

“It’s my surname.”

“Buffy Summers and Faith Winter.” Buffy grinned. “I guess we really are polar opposites.” Kiss. “Tell me more.”

Faith grabbed Buffy by the shoulders and flipped her over and began kissing Buffy’s neck. “Two.” Kiss. “Can play.” Kiss. “This game.” Kiss. “Girlfriend.” Kiss.

“What do you want to know?” Buffy asked, fighting to keep her voice steady.

Your.” Kiss. “Deepest.” Kiss. “Darkest.” Kiss. “Secret.”

“I don’t have any secrets.” Buffy protested. “Really. Down side of being me, everything gets written down in the Watcher Diaries, or Dawn rats me out.”

Faith moved lower, kissing Buffy’s taut tanned stomach. “Really?” Her voice deliberately low and throaty.

“Ok!” Buffy yelled. “Ok! I was a Kylie Minogue fan. Ok? I watched her video for the Locomotion, memorised it and did the steps with my friends at the school disco!”

Faith raised her head and laughed loudly. “Oh, B. You’re priceless! Anything else?”

Buffy blushed attractively. “I wanted to be her. I used to have Mom put my hair in curlers overnight so I would be curly in the morning.”

Faith laughed again. “I love you, B. You’re unique.” She sat back on her haunches and regarded her blushing lover.

Buffy ran a toe up Faith’s naked thigh. “So, I’ve told you mine, tell me yours.”

“Will you make it worth my while?” Faith asked playfully.

“Don’t I always?”

“Always.” Faith leant forward and kissed the blonde Slayer deeply, her hands roaming over Buffy’s body.

Buffy broke the kiss. “Don’t change the subject.”

“I’m not getting away from this, am I?” Faith asked. She thought of her deepest darkest secret. She thought about the humiliating loss of her virginity. She thought about the time when she was Uncle Mike’s ‘special girl’ for a few months before he got busted for selling crack, thus ending a situation that terrified an eleven year old Faith.

Then she managed to remember a few good times from her childhood, before her Dad left and before her mom devoted her life to Jack Daniels.

She took a deep breath, rolled her eyes then fixed her gaze on Buffy’s green eyes. “You know the musical, Annie?”

“You like it?” Buffy giggled at the concept.

“It gets worse.”

“You know the lyrics?”



“When I was seven I played Annie, not at school but in a drama group. It wasn’t obligatory, I did it for fun.”

“Oh, honey, you’re so cute.” Buffy giggled again, pulling Faith towards her.

“I’m not cute. I’m very sultry and sexy.”

“Whatever. Annie.”

“Listen, Curly, at least I wasn’t bopping to Kylie at school discos.”

“No, you were wearing a red wig singing about Tomorrow.

“I love you, Buffy Summers.” Deciding she couldn’t win the argument she decided to shut the blonde Slayer up with the only way that worked. She dropped a deep kiss on her girlfriend’s mouth.

“I love you too, Faith Winter.” Buffy said, breaking away.

“Shut up.”

“You shut up.”