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New Look!

Mar 2008

I’ve done a small new update on the layout of the site. Have tested it in IE and Firefox, and it looks better than the old version did in IE… why, why, why would you use IE when Firefox is on offer? I still don’t get it.

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Vid: [The Mighty Boosh] Holding Out for a Hero – REMASTERED

Oct 2007

Vid Title: Holding Out For a Hero

Artist: Bonnie Tyler

Fandom: The Mighty Boosh

Summary: Vince/Howard, even though I started it as a general vid rather than a shippy one. The first verse is Howard’s point of view, second is Vince’s.

Rated: U, same as the show

File Size: 16.6 MB

Feedback: Oh, by the way, feedback does not suck, so… yeah. Leave some bitches. Uh… nice bitches. (Here’s where I offend people before they get the reference).

Notes: Same vid as before, only with better quality, larger source, and a few stray frames have been removed. Two new teeny-tiny clips that are more interesting than the ones that were originally there. Preeeeety souce! Enjoy.

[download id=”380″]

The YouTube link has been removed because I got a note from YouTube saying they’d had a C&D from BabyCow productions. *le sigh*

You can still download the old version here:

[download id=”334″]

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15 Guns N’ Roses Icons

Sep 2007

icons by thestalkycop icons by thestalkycop icons by thestalkycop

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Vid: [The Mighty Ducks] November Rain – REMASTERED

Jul 2007

This vid has been remastered, using higher quality clips and editing the bits that I was never particularly happy with. Things have changed a little, and it is now one vid instead of two. See below for download details.

Vid Title: November Rain

Artist: Guns N’ Roses

Fandom: The Mighty Ducks

Clips from: D1, D2, D3 and Don’t Cry and November Rain by Guns N’ Roses

Summary: This is an AU vid, in which Casey and Bombay were married and Charlie is their son. This vid (or vids) deals with their break-up and Bombay’s self-destruction that follows it, not to mention Charlie’s reaction. See the Notes for more details.

File Size: See below (by the download links)

Format: Real and Windows Media

Notes: I can’t exactly remember what my thought process was, but I eventually challenged myself to make a video based on Without You by Del James (bear with me on this), using only footage from The Mighty Ducks, and the Without You music videos by Guns N’ Roses (for the non-rabid GN’R fans, that’s Don’t Cry, November Rain and Estranged).

The story of Without You is ultimately about the self-destruction of a man who appears to have everything, but still manages to screw it up. Theoretically Gordon could be that man, he’s rich, he’s well educated, he’s loved, and he could screw it up easily and lose everything. This vid tried to explore that. I have had to use footage from Don’t Cry and November Rain by Guns N’ Roses because, obviously, Casey and Gordon never got married in the Ducks fandom (but did in my mind, I love that pairing), and so forth. Any questions, hop over to the forums and ask there. I’ll answer in great detail, I assure you.

If the vid didn’t make sense, try reading the commentary.

Feedback: Always welcome. If you liked it, tell me. If it didn’t make sense, let me know, your opinion will not break me. I have never actually had any feedback on this vid, despite there being over 300 downloads. Was it really that bad?

New Version:
YouTube link removed, thanks to a scary Cease & Desist from BabyCow about my Boosh vids.
[download id=”376″]
[download id=”378″]

Old Version:
Vidding Commentary
[download id=”338″]
[download id=”340″]

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May 2007

I have once more given this site an overhaul. It kinda looks like a raspberry exploded here, but I like it all the same. Now I have a pretty Denise Richards banner, and the layout works with all sizes of browser from 1024×768 upwards. It probably still looks alright in 800×600, but since few people use that setting any more, I haven’t knocked myself out making it work.

I’ve also moved all of my fanfic over to my automated archive, which cuts down on coding hassle when I fall in love with another fandom, or even write something new for a fandom I’m already a part of… it might happen.

Inevitably some people will hate the layout. Don’t care. It’s my site, not yours. I have learnt by experience that asking for input actually unleashes hell, you get demands from little fuckwits who believe that because they enjoy using someone’s site, that the owner of the site actually owes them – and if the user hates something, the webmistress should change it. Don’t care. I love pink, I love Denise Richards, am generally happy with the new look, so all is good.

Edited to Add: This site looks much better in Firefox. It’s useable with Internet Explorer, but gorgeous in Firefox, so bear that in mind. Also, why on earth would anyone stick with the ugly that is IE when they could have FF at no cost?

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Vid: [The Lost Boys] Save Yourself

Feb 2007

Vid Title: Save Yourself

Artist: Stabbing Westward

Fandom: The Lost Boys

Summary: Michael and Star. Not exactly a love story.

Rated: 15, same as the movie

File Size: 18.1 MB in Real, or 9.8 MB in Windows Media Player

Format: Real and Windows, but please don’t upload this video elsewhere. It’s such bad manners.

[download id=”366″]
[download id=”368″]

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Icon Tutorial – Pale but Contrasty Images (The Lost Boys)

Jan 2007

The Lost Boys – Pale but Contrasty Images – Tutorial by thestalkycop

From this: Tutorial by thestalkycop to this: Tutorial by thestalkycop or this: Tutorial by thestalkycop
This tutorial assumes you are comfortable with making new layers and changing their properties (to screen or exclusion, for example).
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I am back!

Jan 2007

I am back, having survived surgery and all that. If you run into any problems, just hollar (my email address can be found on the side menu).

Holy fecking god, this hurts a whole lot.

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I’m Away

Jan 2007

I, Sarah – the webmistress and goddess of the site – am away. I’m in hospital from 16th January for three to ten days. If you have any problems with the site that honestly cannot wait a couple of weeks, please contact: Carla


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